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Velthemia Bractaeta

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Model: VEL
Manufacturer: Moidart

Moderate to fast growing deciduous bulb with a dense raceme of pale to dark pink tubular flowers
carried on a long stalk, reaching a height of up to 60cm. The tips of the flowers are sometimes green or spotted with green.

Also known as a forest lily it flowers during late winter to spring (July to
October) and each flower-head lasts about a month. The leaves are a flesh glossy
green growing to 25cm high by 35cm wide rosette.

Leaves dying back in summer,withthe new leaves appearing in late-summer to autumn, after a short
period of dormancy. Pear-shaped,
6mm long black seeds are produced in large, membranous, inflated
capsules which are ready for harvesting when the capsules are dry and
papery, usually during mid-summer.

Attracts birds; prefers acid soil in shade and is suitable for pot plants.

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